By Posto9 ambassador @corpaofitness

Hotel workout – just 15 minutes and you work EVERYTHING 💪🏽

Still on a mission to prove you can do mini workouts anywhere and have them be effective! This time just using my hotel bed and that’s it! 5 moves, try:

1️⃣Relevé Tricep Dips x12

2️⃣Relevé Push-up Mods x12

3️⃣Donkey Kick Step-ups x15 ea leg

4️⃣Supported Hip Lifts x15

5️⃣Supported Alternating Knee Rise x20

Repeat for x3 sets. You can even get extra fancy and use a full water bottle to these as an optional weight! Do you have a go-to hotel exercise?? I need to build up my arsenal🤸🏽‍♀️😉