Posto9 – a different approach

Creating slow SUSTAINABLE fashion since 2009

As consumers, we have become increasingly conscious about our purchases, channeling the power of our vocalized objections to make a positive difference for the people involved in the making of our clothes and goods.

When you buy our products, you are contributing to a socially-aware and responsible production line, making a positive difference for the people involved in the making of our clothes.

This is the basis of Posto9. We believe there are more people like us, who care about who makes our garments, support a local production, who reject mass-market fast fashion brands that exploit people for profit, use green washing, and pollute our planet.

Creating an ethical and sustainable product, that empowers people through fitness, has been our mission since 2009.


We REFUSE to produce in traditional factories using a low-paid supply chain like many other brands, instead choosing to work with individuals to make our clothes, ensuring they get paid a fair wage, and cutting out the middle-men.

So all our products are made at home by local seamstresses.

All sport bras, tops and shorts are made in Ibiza, Spain

Some of our yoga leggings are made in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

During 2020 we suffered less interruptions than traditional businesses, as we had already established a network of people working from home, making our products.

Image courtesy of ECONYL®


We produce small made-to-order batches, eliminating overproduction as sustainability is the core of our business. By using left over cuts from our main production we create scrunchies, hair bands and face masks, to minimize waste.


Pole wear and yoga wear that cares for the planet

70% of our collection is made from ECONYL® regenerated NYLON

Our designs integrate performance wear with high-tech body sculpting fabrics, to take you from the barre to the bar in style. We use a variety of fabrics, with our star fabric being VITA, made with regenerated nylon. We follow new fabric developments closely and aim to use only recycled fabrics by 2024.


All new arrivals from our seamstresses are disinfected and left in a sealed area for 72 hours before we put them in our stock room. We pack every item in before shipping in clean recyclable shipping bags.


When you receive your posto9 parcel you can rest assured that the packaging we use is made our of recycled materials and is 100% bio-degradable. All our garment hang tags are made with recycled cardboard.


Love your leggings but want a refresh? Join our Preloved & VIntage community where you can resell your Posto9 leggings and make them last longer. 



My name is Elin and I started Posto9 in 2009. Having been made redundant from my graphic design job, I decided to go traveling and I was lucky enough to be enjoying an afternoon caipirinha in Rio de Janeiro, watching people running and walking along the gorgeous beach front, clad in the most amazing colorful lycra. At the time, most workout clothes in the UK were quite bland and boring. So I thought, can I make this concept work in the UK with my own modus operandi? Surely I can’t be the only one wanting fun workout clothes.

Blame it on the Caipirinha, but this is how the idea of Posto9 was born.

So I started researching fabrics, talking to manufacturers, and realized quite quickly that the way I wanted to do things was the (hard) ethical way. Not interested in large factories, I sourced groups of women that were really good seamstresses and had their own machinery in the living room, making school uniforms. After a few trials, we finally managed to get a high standard legging that is now part of our core collection. 

Fast forward, and I now have a solid ethical production chain. I divide my time between London, and Ibiza, where I run my other ethical swimwear and fancy dress label and

If you have any suggestions on how I can improve, feel free to drop me an email to