Here’s some #fitspiration for the holidays and your 2018 travel bucketlist. These are the adventures and travel workouts of our ambassador Chardét, at Corpão Fitness in our soul home of Rio de Janeiro Brazil.


Adventure #1: Hike Dois Irmãos
Of the hikes I’ve done in 30 different countries, this is one of my favorites because you get panoramic city views from the the middle of a tropical forest.
The climb is short (approx 50min) but intense; it requires you to occasionally pull yourself up by tree roots and walk over big boulders jutting out over cliff edges. You’ll continue to go through jungle leaves and tropical flowers until you reach the most gorgeous view of Rio. You’ll be sweaty, possibly out of breath but definitely in love.

Adventure #2 Explore Parque Lage 
Explore caves, ponds and even aquariums in this lovely park next to the Botanical Gardens. Parque Lage gives the illusion of a wild, tropical forest but has all the amenities of a city park with plenty of benches and footpaths. Let your inner kid (or real kids) roam free through thick palm trees and underground caves.