Resistance Band Workout with Fix Fitness

Last four months have been a roller coaster for most of us. And yet in some, misfortunes brought up even more determination and fast forwarded future plans. 

We have caught up with Hope from (newly founded) Fix Fitness to ask about the challenges her business is facing in post lockdown time and how does she feel launching her new venture with uncertainty all around .  

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Posto9 : What was your motivation to get into the fitness industry?

Hope : After moving to London I joined a gym that provided pole classes, keen to start some sort of dancing . I also then got introduced to lifting weights and I loved both instantly! My confidence grew and I started moving because I wanted to improve on skills or my strength. Not every day is easy breezy but I now train from a place that doesn’t rely on aesthetics. Focusing on what I am gaining (instead of what I am losing) brings me so much joy! Not to mention its pretty cool to be able to pick up heavy stuff!

Posto9 : Wow, that is such a refreshing view on body and fitness. What about your own fitness journey, have you ever felt pressure to fit into certain weight category or achieve certain size? 
Hope : Well, I danced from a young age but apart from that had very little interest in any sort of fitness until my last year of university. I started running, getting up at 5am to make sure I ran 5k most mornings no matter how I felt quite often through horrible weather conditions. I was constantly exhausted due to my Uni course being quite challenging also but I never let myself have a morning off to recover. After Uni I also started doing a fitness influencers guide. It consisted of unenjoyable HIIT workouts but I was fuelled by the transformation photos that this influencer showed to market it. My exercising came from a place of fear, I wanted to make sure my body looked a certain way. I cut out food groups and obsessed over other peoples ‘perfect’ figures. Safe to say I was miserable. 

Posto9: And now you started your own personal training business…

Hope: I am so passionate about bringing positive, empowering and healthy  mindset forward when working with my clients. Yes, it’s fuelled me to start my own business. As women we are constantly bombarded with diet culture that we don’t even notice it anymore. I strive to help people stop focusing on how exercise is going to  change their body. We focus on fitness goals instead, never weight or size.  

Posto9 : You must be well proud. What will be next steps for Fix Fitness?  What do you see as the biggest challenge and the most exciting prospect for your business? 

Hope:  Post lockdown I’m really excited to grow my business further but still keep working with the amazing community I’ve built so far online. I think it is important to recognise that people still want to workout from home as it suits their lifestyle so it’s a way of working I will keep for my business. 

Posto9 : One more question, could you share some tips with us for upper body? I feel like it is often the area many women are afraid to work out not to “bilk up” but we all want to tone up. 
Hope : Sure, I’ve put together a little back workout you can do from home with a resistance band. This is perfect for building up a bit of strength before you go back to your favourite activity, be it going back to gym or learning the latest spin on pole.  
Posto9 : Thank you!  …* opens Google to shop for stretch bands 
    • Focus on sending elbows back towards hips, keep arm close to the body.
    • Squeeze glutes and back to lift chest, keep feet on the floor. 
    • Engage core and sit up straight, pull towards face, send elbows high.
    • Engage core and sit up straight, send elbows back towards hips and keep arms close to the body

For more information check or follow Hope on Instagram @fix_fitness and @hope_fixfitness