Free Flex Tone Stretch Class

Event: FREE 30 mins Flex Tone Stretch Class
Time and date: 18:30 UK Time Tuesday 5th May 2020
Join Team Posto9 for a FREE Flex Tone Stretch class focusing on lower body led by @A_movement of @PoleCatsLondon
We will cover glute strengthening warm up, lower back and hips mobility and deep stretch for hip flexors and hamstrings. No equipment needed, just grab your favourite outfit, yoga mat (or anything similar) and have some water handy. 
Your link will be emailed your 20mins before the start. You will need a browser or the Zoom app. Your camera will be off by default, if you wish for you instructor to see you, please switch it on in left down corner. Your microphone will be off by default so you can put your favourite music in the background as you follow instructions. 
Remember, you can always unmute yourself and ask any question.
Sign-up below or send an email to stating that you want to join the class. Cut-off time is 1 hour before we start.
See you on Tuesday!

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