Join us on the 16th of November for the first Mahamudra Experience in the UK

For the first time ever Mahamudra Brasil is coming to the UK. Join us for your first Mahamudra experience.
Mahamudra was created in Brasil 3 years ago.

Mahamudra Brazil is a Philosophy of Life.

It is a Human Development method focused on the constant evolution of being. The goal is to extract the best from each person regardless of who it is.

For this, we seek to level, balance and evolve the health of the three pillars: BODY, MIND and SOUL.

Our training techniques consist of yoga, functional training, martial arts, gymnastics, aerobics and circuit training all combined in one package.


VENUE: Vox Studios, 1-45 Durham Street, London, SE11 5JH, United Kingdom

PRICE: £20 Includes classes and a free t-shirt.


18:30 Meet at Vox Studios G01

19:00-20:00 Mahamudra Fitness class led by Guto Mahamudra and Andressa Rivelles.

20:00-20:15 Break time. A chance to refuel and mingle
20:15-21:15 Restorative Yoga class led by Andy Yogalinsky

We will have a full hour of work-out and 30 minutes of relaxation Yoga and lots more, so stay tuned for updates.

Everyone will recieve a T-shirt on arrival and lots of endorphins and good vibes at the end.

We will be there showing off our new winter collection, plus we will have a sample sale box with all proceeds going to Task Brasil.

AmaVida, will be providing samples of Açai – the Brazilian berry. Açaí contains more antioxidants than any other known fruit, as well as vitamins, essential omega fatty acids and minerals

The Refinery E9 will be joining us offering a taster massages

Love your blender will be demonstrating smoothies

Rejuvenation Water will be providing free water for participants