Kristy, pole fitness teacher and Posto9 Brand Ambassador

Luxury leisuree bra Ethically made in Ibiza. TANIT by Posto9

Introducing Kristy, the star of our latest pole wear campaign and also a brand ambassador. You can see our new TANIT polefit collection here:

Hey, I’m Kristy, I’m 25, I’m originally from Essex but moved to Norfolk nearly 2 years ago.

I’ve been doing pole fitness for about 4 years, I love anything to do with flexibility, you’ll find me doing the splits anywhere I can.

I currently teach from home and I absolutely love it! Find our more on

I recently done a shoot for posto9 for there new pole wear and I must say they are fabulous, I fell in love with the leopard print set!

My favourite pole trick has to be an iron x, I love how strong it makes you look.

I’ve recently been working a lot on back flexibility and also my handstands, currently practicing walking on my hands. I’ve always been amazed by anyone who can hold a handstand so strongly.

Luxury leisuree bra Ethically made in Ibiza. TANIT by Posto9

Stretching tips I would say try to stretch at least 2-3 times a week

Lunges I find are great for split training. I also find putting a pillow in the middle of your legs and slowly lowering your body down into the splits and let your body sit. Add as many pillows as you feel comfortable and each time it gets easier remove a pillow until you finally hit the floor. Always remember to keep your hips square. Hope this helps anybody looking to learn.