Meet Hannah

Credit: Photo by Simon Hooley @theimagecella 

Meet Hannah. our picture like gorgeous Brand Ambassador with passion for eco sustainable living and all things pole dance.

P9: Hi Hannah, tell us a little bit about yourself. What got you into pole dancing?

H: Hi!  I started pole dancing as a way to make new friends – little realising how much I would fall in love with it! Now I think everyone should try pole dancing! Though my boyfriend disagrees with me 🙂   

P9: What are your views on eco friendly living?

H: Ethical and sustainable fashion is SO important to me. In choosing such  products, I know I am investing in something that I will wear over and over, my purchase is better and also for the people involved in the process of making my clothes. I always think that if you buy something for less than £5, how much is really going to the worker?

P9: We have been going through quite a turmoil over the past year. How did you cope with that?

H: Staying active in a covid world is definitely difficult. You have to find what works for you. I am not very active in the evenings so instead I do my training in the mornings or straight after I finish work. My studio has also been running loads of online classes during lockdowns and beyond and they definitely help to keep me motivated. 

Amazing Hannah has plenty of inspirational tricks and poses if you are ever stuck. Give her a follow on Instagram @upsidedownfirehair.