Posto9 Brand Ambassadors – Meet Kerry


I guess most of us have felt at times like we are struggling to fit everything in 😅 – like there are not enough hours in the day…. Well, read on …. I reached out to our Brand Ambassadors to share their thoughts on ethically made clothes and what keeps their spirit up during the winter lockdowns. What I discovered blew my mind 🤩 


Meet Kerry, @littlekerrypolebear , the always positive super mum, pole and flexibility instructor, and NHS worker with a passion for movement as a therapy. She also runs discounted flexibility classes for those struggling through lockdown, to help you keep your mojo and love your body…



I am a mum of 2 beautiful little girls. By day I am a physiotherapy assistant working within the NHS and by night I am a pole and flexibility instructor

Why do I think its important to choose handmade and eco-friendly sports wear?

Well they are more durable, reusable, less toxic, less resource-intensive, and safer for the environment, wildlife, and people.

Also, choosing eco-friendly products will not only help protect the planet and the health and well-being of our loved ones but also the future of our kids.

And they are handmade with love 😍😍

“I really enjoy to be active, I love the feeling I have after being active. 

It has kept me sane and has been an escape during this tough time. 

Exercise is my therapy, it’s my me time, my happy place. 

I have always enjoyed sports and activity since being a young age and now I love to help others find their happy place within exercise. 

Happiness isn’t always looking in the mirror it is what and how you feel on the inside and you have to chase what makes you feel good and for me that’s keeping active.

I am currently running online stretch 1on1 sessions. Very discounted prices due to the lockdown, peoples finances and job states, to try and make accessible to all. 

If anyone is interested please message me for more details and have a chat about yourself and your goals 🙌

DM on Instagram at @littlekerrypolebear 

Kerry is wearing the lilac purple cobra set

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