Meet Stephanie, pole dance instructor

Meet our enthusiastic and inspirational Brand Ambassador Stephanie Tallant, as she shares some insights into her life as pole instructor.

It is a lifestyle, not just a job!

P9: Hi Stephanie, we are so excited to welcome you on board. We love your work and energy. Let’s start with what drives you?

I truly love what I do, so I think that in itself drives me.

I love exploring movement in my own body and I love sharing my passion for movement with others!! And the fact that I have the opportunity to do this on the daily is what drives me to continue learning, growing, exploring, and teaching!!

It was through my pole & flexibility journey, that I discovered just how good movement can feel :)) I’ve developed an immense appreciation for my body and what it does for me on the daily! And it’s definitely been a process getting here (and I know there is so much learning and growing to do). But I think it’s through all the struggles, ups & downs, injuries, and ebbs and flows of this journey, that has led me to where I am today! AND It’s given me a lot of knowledge and background that I now use to teach and guide others :))

P9: And what do you enjoy from your pole life?

I obviously enjoy pole & flexibility :)) I discovered flexibility through pole and at first it was super uncomfortable for me. I didn’t like it, I just did it because I thought I had to in order to improve in pole. And now, I feel completely different. After taking a deep dive into learning the ins and outs of flexibility, it’s become a practice of mine that feels soooo good and one that I quite literally crave lol And I think that’s why I’m so passionate about teaching flexibility and pole to others!! I want others to experience how good this movement practice can feel! 

Besides teaching, I also enjoy all the wonderful things that I’m surrounded by in my hometown, Key West, Florida, USA… sunshine, the beach, paddleboarding, bike riding, swimming :)) I’m also a salsa dancer and I go out dancing several nights a week!

P9: That’s amazing. Now, we have to ask you your views on ethical production and why do you think shopping sustainable pole wear is important?

It feels good to do what I can in supporting this beautiful earth of ours. Thank you Posto9 Activa for making your pole wear not only sustainable, but also cute, comfortable, versatile, and one that I find myself wanting to wear during every session :)) I’m in love!

P9: Thank you so much for your time and fabulous inspiration What is the bet way to get in touch with you if someone wants to follow or join your pole and fitness journey>

You can train pole and flexibility with me through my online monthly subscription program, Design Your Practice. Here you have access to all my pre-recorded classes! And I upload a new class every week.

I offer 1:1 zoom and in person flexibility and pole sessions. You can send me a DM or an e-mail to

You can also find me on YouTube. Here I post mini tutorials, flexy flows, and more :))

You can follow me on Instagram where I share weekly pole combos and daily helpful information in my story!!