Meet Tatianna

Posto9 Sustainable Floral Print Sport Bra for Pole Dance and Yoga

Continuing our brand ambassadors feature, we are delighted to introduce Tatianna, dancer, personal trainer and an amazing positive and upbeat superwoman.
We invited her to share her values and views on fitness,training and sustainable living. 


Q: Hi Tatianna, we absolutely love love love your smile. Tell us little bit about yourself and your training approach? T: “Hi, I am personal trainer, dancer and fitness enthusiast. I believe exercise should leave you feeling great and you should look forward to your training, it should be a way for you to take time for yourself and help you feel good about what your body can do. “


Q: We are big on sustainability, eco materials and ethical production. How do you feel about green living or fast fashion? T: “I love that Posto9 uses materials that aren’t damaging to the environment. The products are so lovely, well made and comfortable and it’s from things you wouldn’t think of, like recycled fishing nets, it really makes you appreciate that “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” because I absolutely love my Posto9 gear. I feel like we all have to make changes for the sake of the environment, but sometimes they feel like sacrifices. This is an easy and sustainable choice. I also love that it is handmade, there aren’t going to be a million of these items, it isn’t mass production and the people making the clothes are being paid fair wages. ”


Q: What would be your tip to share about training? T: “I really feel like every style of training has it’s place and there is value in diversifying your training. Somethings I can do all day every day and other things I do less frequently, but I still work them in because they’re important to me. I love dancing, running, climbing, lifting weights and I’m always picking up new hobbies. Goal setting is huge for me, you need big goals and little goals so you can keep having those ‘wins’, it will keep you motivated and focused. Don’t be afraid to try new things, but there’s also nothing wrong with keeping it simple and staying focused. “


Thank you for joining us, Tatianna! We love your work and share your values. Tatianna, like many other fitness professionals and dancers, has had to adapt over the last year and is offering online classes. We applaud you and support you!

Check out Tatianna’s ONLINE CLASSES TIMETABLE above.

You can join her from the comfort of your home to take loving care of your body and mind. All times are in London (GMT). She also does virtual personal training! What better time to start then now, before summer and the highly awaited reopening of all things fun! Contact her via website or email, details in the flyer below.

And if you prefer to workout in your own time, she is running a Move More in March challenge, which will consist of some pre-recorded workouts. This can be done alongside an existing program or on it’s own if you’re looking to ease back into training. All videos are 30 minutes or less!