New decade, new goals

Our year in review and what we have in store for 2020 and beyond

Sustainability and the circular economy

We started the year with a complete revamp of our collection, moving part of our production to Ibiza, and changing labels and packaging for recycled and bio-degradable versions. We started using recycled fabrics and we launched the Preloved and Vintage program to resell used leggings. At the same time creating more awareness about our production line, and our way of running the brand.

We have added larger and smaller sizes to our range as you guys asked for it.

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We partnered up with for BFCM, and our pop-up event hosted by Facebook.

Tanit – Polewear and dancewear made in Ibiza is being expanded in 2020 to cater for an ever increasing demand.

Menswear – keep your eyes peeled on what is coming in 2020!