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At Posto9 we are on a mission to reduce waste

If you are like us; a person who appreciates the true value of a garment, including all work that lies behind, you care to know who makes your garment, and all precious natural resources that have been used throughout its supply chain then please read on.

We wish to contribute to a fashion industry that is ‘circular as opposed to linear’, in which nothing goes to waste and everything is utilized, reutilized, repurposed and recycled in the most effective and sustainable manner possible. Our ultimate goal to close the loop and become a 100% sustainable business. It is a step by step process, and it is a team effort, so below are a few ways you can help us to bring both ends closer to each other.

So before you take your unwanted leggings down to the charity shop, and a possible landfill end consider reselling them.

Posto9 Preloved & Vintage

Our leggings and tops are made with high quality materials and stay pretty much intact, even after many washes. Therefore they can be used by multiple users throughout their lifetime through swapping, borrowing, rental, redesign, or second-hand services – extending their life. Plus they are odour-free which make them ideal for resale.We use biodegradable fibres as much as possible. You can read more about our eco-fabrics here:

We have therefore created our own preloved section, where you can resell your unwanted leggings as an alternative to recycling. And as an extra incentive, you get a 10% off voucher for each item you sell through our platform. Read about how to submit your listing.

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About clothing donations

It seems a very noble thing to do, donating your unwanted clothes to charity. But many donors don’t realise that the majority of the cast-offs they hand over to charity will be traded abroad for profit. Contrary to popular belief, less than 20 percent of clothing donations sent to charities are actually resold at those charities. Generally, the other 80 percent is sent to textile recyclers who then determine the next cycle of the garment’s life. Almost half of the donations will be exported and sold in developing countries, while the other half will be recycled into rags and household insulation.

The UK, which generates the second highest volume of used clothing donations after the U.S., sees only 10 – 30 percent of second-hand clothing sold in that country. The leading export destinations for the UK include Poland, Ghana, Pakistan, Ukraine and Benin.

Modern women have adopted a “wear it once culture” when it comes to their wardrobes and only wear items a handful of times before considering them ‘old’, according to a study by Barnardo’s Retail.

And one in seven said Facebook, Twitter and Instagram were strong influences for the culture, because being pictured twice and “tagged” in the same dress on different nights out was a fashion no-no. It leads us to believe that we should be ashamed of being seen in the same outfit more than once.

Shop sustainably. Shop smarter

As society becomes more familiar with the hazards associated with sending old textiles to the landfill, and as new recycling technologies develop, it can be anticipated that the textile recycling industry will continue to grow. At the same time, watch for trends such as slow fashion to draw continued attention to the interplay of clothing and sustainability. The fast fashion industry generates considerable pollution and a sizeable negative impact on climate change. Consumers can help affect change by choosing clothing brands that last longer and which demonstrate a commitment to reducing their climate change impact.

And finally, some ideas on upcycling your leggings

Leggings can make new hair ties and cleaning cloths. Or even turn them into a shrug. Watch this video for more ideas:

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How fast fashion adds to the world’s clothing waste problem 

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