Progress diary with my new toy…

My personal experience with my pocket size Spa Treatment

I volunteered to be a Guinea pig to try out these products (And yes we wear glitter pants in the office but only on Fridays)

I have been going back and forth between treatments for cellulite and uneven skin in my stomach area, spending a fortune on manual lymphatic drainage at the spa.

It’s always been an area of my body that I have not been that happy to expose.

Not that I was super concerned with it, never been super vain, but having moved to a warmer climate it made me a bit more conscious of it especially since I am getting closer to the big 50 🙈😊.

So, a very good friend of mine Mr Magical Energy ( this is Ibiza) did a test treatment on me, and I could immediately see the difference.

However, I am very skeptical and take a lot of convincing.

After all, my problem was not really a problem in the bigger scheme of things, and 350 euros seemed like an unnecessary expense ( I mean, if you calculate the cost of 1 treatment at the spa,it kind of makes sense to buy the machine and do it yourself , but I did not want to buy another gadget only for it to be forgotten in a drawer in a few weeks….

Anyway, Mr Magical Energy Treatments did a second session on me, and kind of convinced me to be a guinea pig, to prove that the results are real. So I thought why not. I would not endorse or recommend something I don’t genuinely like, but this is starting to grow on me.

And I decided to document what I am doing here.

Here is a picture of the “toy”. I like the fact that it is a spa home treatment that fits in your pocket.

I will be updating this post regularly with images and videos of my progress. If you want more info feel free to drop me a line

If you happen to live in or if you are visiting the lovely island of Ibiza and want a live demo trial get in touch. Otherwise, these goodies are also available online, ask me how to buy.

Demo 1 : how to use the Galvanic Spa Body Treatment

Using circular movements we apply the body shaping gel together with the NaPCA spray for added moisture

Demo 2 : how to use the Galvanic Spa Body Treatment

Wipe off the excess Body Shaping Gel

Below you can see the summary of the steps. Fairly simple instructions- if I can do it, you can 😂😂😂

Here is the technical blurb

How it works:

• Nu Skin’s anti-aging science targets youth gene clusters (YGCs) in body which are responsible for, movement of fluid, skin structure, hydration, and lipid metabolism

• By targeting YGCs, ageLOC® Galvanic Body Spa decreases the appearance of cellulite and firms, lifts, smoothes, and slims the body while locking in hydration

• Galvanic spa treatments operate on the simple principle that like charges repel and opposites attract. ageLOC® Body is an at-home use spa instrument that uses the same principle to enhance delivery of charged ingredients to the skin

• A two-step body treatment uses the ageLOC® Body Products. The use of Body Shaping Gel penetrates the skin to improve overall appearance while following with Dermatic Effects locks in hydration

• Select the optimized treatment setting that is pre-programmed with the correct polarity and time to match the Galvanic Spa product you are using