Resistance bands workout by Alexandra Legouix

I use resistance bands every time I workout.

In 2014 I fell and broke my back, dislocated my pelvis and discovered three prolapsed discs and a degenerative disc disease.

While I have spent a lot of time since rehabilitating my body and getting my strength back up, I really do have ‘good’ and ‘bad’ days and unless I work hard to keep my glutes and pelvis ‘activated’ and strong then I notice a decline in strength and ability around that area very quickly which fast results in my back pain being triggered even more.

So, I use bands a lot, often using them to replace any form of actual weight/dumbell as they too can cause unnecessary stress on my body.

I also try to find unique ways to incorporate the bands in to my workout.  If I can work the core or any other parts of my body at the same time then it’s a win, win!


Alexandra Legouix

Sports TV Presenter, Fitness Presenter & Corporate Event Host
Writer & presenter of 3 5* DVD’s entitled ‘Yoga Made Simple’ DVD on Amazon: Yoga Made Simple
“Before discovering her passion for yoga Alexandra originally trained as a fitness Instructor, a dance instructor and PT and – alongside a blooming professional performing career as a singer and presenter – she was the Head of Performing Arts at Amersham & Wycombe College. 
In 2014, Alexandra had a very serious accident which resulted in a broken spine, three prolapsed discs and a dislocated pelvis. Doctors also discovered she had a degenerative disc disease (Facet Joint Disease) and recommended that she discontinued any high impact sports and to focus more on her yoga. So focus she did. 
Her work as a TV presenter (pit lane reporter of Eurosport’s live coverage of the World Touring Car Championship) takes her all around the world and so she started attending and learning from various ashrams in every country she visited.  In 2015 Alexandra went to Kerala, South India and under the guidance of some of the world’s best yoga guru’s she trained intensively at a wonderful renowned ashram gaining her teaching qualifications and advancing her knowledge and skill. 
Since then Alexandra has taught in various ashrams and yoga centres globally and has built up her reputation as a wonderful teacher which a unique style. She is also considered to be an extremely knowledgeable Mindfulness & Meditation coach and teaches this regularly in and alongside her classes.
In 2017 she opened Konasana Yoga She holds 15 classes a week in Surrey / online and runs various workshops and retreats.

Twitter: @legouix
Instagram: @alkilegouix @mindsetunfilteredpodcast
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