A Pole Wear Collection inspired by TANIT, the goddess of love, fertility, life, prosperity, and the moon.

Lean vintage-inspired silhouettes with shiny fabrics, fine mesh detailing and exquisite finishing, invoking self-confidence and empowerment.

It’s Tanit. A luxurious recreation of a discernible memory. An echo of time that layers together moments that are remembered, dreamed or imagined..


Tanit Pole shorts and polewear by Posto9. Made in IBIZA

Unique and sustainably made pole wear. Created on the island of Ibiza, with superb finishing and attention to detail.

Choose from a selection of high or low waist shorts. This limited edition collection is available in sizes XS to XL.


the goddess of Ibiza

The cult of the goddess Tanit was introduced in Ibiza by the Carthaginians. The Empire originally emerged as a Phoenician colony takes its name from the city of Carthage which was founded at the beginning of the 9th century BC.

Tanit has adopted different names according to time and place; Astarte to the Phoenicians, for Egyptian Isis, Artemis for Greeks, and is also present in Berber mythology.