Staying Pole Fit

Stay home, stay safe  and protect others …heard the first time felt like an exaggeration. Now, a week and a half into the lock down, we have all come to accept that it is the new reality. At least for the foreseeable future…

Don’t let the panic kick in.

You won’t lose your skills, our bodies are smarter than we give them credit for (that also goes for cheating when training those stubborn muscles 😉 and muscle memory is next level magic.

And the real good news?

You have more time, more control over planning your training and less pressure to get everything done in one session.

So what can you do to retain your hard earned skills, strength and flexibility?

Make sure you turn up. Yes, your studio has closed and you may not even have a pole at home. Yet, this isn’t everything or nothing situation. You can still work on those goals you have never had enough time to explore. Floor work? Nailing splits on both sides? Bendy back dreams? Strengthening your weakest muscles to erase all those imbalances? Restorative sessions? Dance? You name it….

Here is a little starter pack for you:

Adjust as needed, add points daily as you feel.

1) Plan yourself – make space, allocate time and set your goals ( two to three per week )

2) Pick your playlist – anything that gets you motivated and ready to reach for stars

3) Warm up. Mobilize and stretch before you hit any conditioning. Active stretches are the best. If you spend all day sitting, pay special attention to your psoas and lower back. Some ideas in photos below.

4) Go for it. Have fun. Channel you.

5) Stretch. Count your blessings.

Hi , my name is Aneta and I am pole dance fitness instructor and dancer based in London, United Kingdom.

If you are interested in more, you can find me on IG @a_movement.

Drop me a DM and we figure out how to make you happiest pole-ready cat. I teach online group classes and private classes.You can choose from conditioning and stretch (no pole), pole fundamentals and conditioning (with pole) and also Sunday Bumday workout..

Class Timetable


6:30pm Conditioning (30 mins, no pole)

7:10pm stretch (30 mins, no pole)

Book at


10am Pole fundamentals (pole at home)

Book at


6pm Pole tricks Intermediate (pole at home)

7:15pm Conditioning for aerial hoop

Book at


6:30pm Pole Conditioning (pole at home)

7:45pm Stretch for pole and aerial

Book at


1pm Pole fundamentals Beginners and Intermediate 
(pole at home)

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10am Conditioning for aerial hoop

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12:30pm Pole fundamentals (pole at home)
1:45pm Sunday Bumday (no pole, 45 mins)

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