Sustainable summer tips

A sustainable Summer giveaway by Posto9

‘Be the change you want to see,’ said Mahatma Gandhi

Let’s celebrate our love for this planet by making sustainable choices

We have listed some rather interesting favourite Sustainable Summer tips for you below. Plus we have a great selection of garments created with regenerated nylon fabrics for you to explore.


Wear clothes created with regenerated materials

Posto9 are committed to using fabrics that are recycled or sustainably sourced.

To ensure quality and longevity – designing special pieces built to last, produced by individuals, not factories. It’s about timeless pieces that can be worn year after year. To us, that’s what sustainability is about, quality clothing that will be enjoyed for a long time…

Stay hydrated with a reusable bottle

Hot summer days can get quite dehydrating, especially after a long hike or bike ride. Make sure to quench your thirst using a reusable water bottle rather than a disposable one.

Show seasonal produce some love!

Treat yourself to nutritious vegetables and fruits that benefit your health, while also supporting local farmers and the planet. Check out available local Vegetable-box schemes to enable you to buy seasonal and keep food miles to a minimum.

Get on yer bike!

You’ll be reducing pollution from the car while taking care of your health and wellbeing too. Let’s face it, there’s nothing quite like that well-earned glass of something cold and delicious at the end of a long day of pedaling!

Grow your own

With time and effort, any garden can be transformed into a productive vegetable patch. People with just a patio can get excellent results from container veg grown in peat-free growing media.

Got any tips you would like to contribute?

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