Workshops with Andy Yogalinsky at Indaba and Frame Shoreditch

Andy is wearing the feather print ARARA leggings

YIN YOGA, POETRY & LIVE MUSIC with Andy Kobelinsky

Sunday 19th November 1:30pm at Indaba Yoga

Join Andy and James on a Yin Yoga journey of live music, poetry and meditation. This restorative and juicy practice will allow you to flow rhythmically in body, mind and soul, providing you with deep nourishment and replenishment. A soothing and healing workshop that will heighten your senses, provide you with space to re-connect with yourself in a deep embrace of curiosity and compassion, and leave you feeling profoundly revitalised.

Yin Yoga reminds us that it is the path that matters and not the destination. It is a mindful and passive practice, that allows the muscles of the body and mind to deeply relax. Yin Yoga creates space in the joints and connective tissue, allowing you to release tension physically, mentally and emotionally as you nurture yourself with an open-minded attitude of acceptance and love.

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Saturday 25th November 2:45pm at Move Your Frame Shoreditch

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